Wild plum root will give a reddish or rusty brown.
Oak bark will give a tan or oak color.
Sumac (leaves)
- Dandelion (roots) brown
- Broom - (bark) yellow/brown
Walnut (hulls) (deep brown)(wear gloves)
Tea Bags (light brown)
- White Birch - (inner bark) - brown
Juniper Berries
- Fennel - (flowers, leaves) - yellow/brown
Coffee Grinds
Acorns (boiled)
- Hollyhock (petals)
- Colorado Fir - (bark) tan shade
Yellow dock (produces shades of brown on wool)
Beetroot (Dark Brown With FeSO4)
Red Leaf Buds (of many maple trees )- red-brown color when dried. Found on branches before new leaves appear only present during early spring and throughout fall.
- Amur Maple Acer Ginnala) - black, blue, bown from dried leaves.
- Ivy - (twigs) - yellow/brown