Here are some suggestions for yellows to golds:

Saffron (stigmas) - yellow
- Safflower (flowers, soaked in water) - yellow
- Syrian Rue (glows under black light)
- Red Clover (whole blossom, leaves and stem); alum mordant; Gold.
Yellow cone flower (whole flower head); chrome mordant; Brass to Greeney-Brass.
- Onion (skins)
- Alfalfa (seeds) - yellow
Marigold (blossoms)
Willow (leaves)
Queen Anne's Lace
- Heather - (plant) - yellow
- St. John's Wort - (flowers & leaves) - gold/yellow
Celery (leaves)
Golden Rod (flowers)
Sumac (bark) - The inner pith of Sumac branches can produce a super bright yellow color.
Weld (bright yellow)
Cameleon plant (golden)
- Mimosa - (flowers) yellow
Dandelion flower
Osage Orange also known as Bois d'arc or hedgeapple (heartwood, inner bark, wood, shavings or sawdust) (pale yellow)
Daffodil flower heads (after they have died); alum mordant
Mullen (leaf and root) pale yellow. *careful, because the little fuzzy hairs can make one itchy!
Hickory leaves (yellow) if plenty of leaves are boiled and salt added.
Tea ( ecru color)
- Yellow, Curly, Bitter, or Butter Dock (despite various leaf shapes, all have a bright yellow taproot) gives you a yellow/flesh color.
- White mulberry tree (bark) Cream color onto white or off-white wool. Alum mordant.
Paprika ( shade of pale yellow - light orange)
Beetroot (yellow) (alum & K2Cr2O7)
Turmeric (spice) --bright yellow
Oxallis - the one with the yellow flowers. Use the flower heads, some stem ok. It is nearly fluorescent yellow, and quite colorfast on alum mordanted wool.
Dahlia Flowers (Red, yellow, orange flowers) make a lovely yellow to orange dye for wool.
- Mulga Acacia -(flowers) - yellow
- Sunflowers - (flowers) - yellow